Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have another gmail account, a personal one that I've started using regularly, and so I stay signed into gmail all the time. To post here (or to comment), I have to re-sign in with my Which Box account, which is why I haven't done any posting or commenting, though I am still reading and thinking of the friends of Which Box.

I've found myself in near tears several times yesterday and today, and it's because of the passing of Elizabeth Edwards. She was many things to many people, and certainly by all acounts a very special woman. My kinship with her was of course over surviving infidelity. I have hated those political commentators who reduced it all to simple terms - why didn't she-? why did she-? When did she know and what did she know and how did she know and why didn't she know and this and that and blather blather blather. The simple truth is this: No one outside of the two people in a relationship can profess to know the details of that relationship. And even then, all too often the two people don't have the same understanding, either.

I have been trying to think of what I might write, and I saw Tash had a post up and went there first, and once again I am reduced to tears. Please read it, if you haven't already. I was a very active blogger in 2007, so I don't know how I missed the original post, and I am sorry I did.

Elizabeth Edwards was a remarkable human being. The world is poorer for this loss.