Friday, April 3, 2009

cards as emotional currency

Aha. I knew it had been too quite on the in-law front. On a day where others are asking very real in-law questions, I picked up the mail to find two cards from the in-laws, addressed to the kids. Talk about ridiculous. My daughter got the $.99 card, while the little guy got a happy first Easter.

Who sends cards 10 days before Easter? Insane people who probably think this will 'solve everything' and result in us arriving for Easter dinner.

Um, no.

Better living through Hallmark, I guess. I better get on the phone and invite my brother over for dinner so we can officially say we have plans that involve once again choosing my family over theirs.


Tash said...

Jeebus, I hated that passive-aggressive indirect shit, like writing "I miss you. Please come visit." in a card to a fucking two-year old. Honestly people. Look me in the eye, or at least pick up the damn phone and tell it to my face. Ugh.

Sorry. This blows.

Emily M said...

This is exactly what my in laws did. Only my mother in actually walked into our house and left a package while we weren't home. Crazy people.

CLC said...

Wow, they are the hallmark for passive aggressive. Some things never change, and they sadly fall into that category. I hope you made your alternative plans!

Anonymous said...