Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We're on vacation, so this is just a quick dash off - wow is this
Sanford situation crazy or what? By far the most public unraveling of
a marriage I've ever seen. But also the most real. It is interesting
to hear various media accounts. Ultimately, we prefer our gossip a bit
more sanitized. Not quite so revealing, perhaps. But this guy is
putting it all out there. He's going to get drummed out if office for
the unseemly public display, not the actual offense.

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Tash said...

He's a fucking asshole. He's now admitting that he cheated (well, somehow, but not THAT) with other women and then found his "soulmate?" Amazing what you'll stumble across when you run around with your pants down. This is the most embarrassing mid-life crisis I've ever seen melt down, and I feel for his wife and kids. Blech.

FWIW, Adultery is apparently still illegal in SC! Late 19th century law that was never repealed. you know, in case leaving the state without notification when you hold the highest elected office isn't bad enough.