Wednesday, January 20, 2010

screaming inside

How many ways to beat a dead horse? I thought I was done bitching about the 'shower' aka present shakedown, but just received an e-mail from the to-be dad.

Hi everyone. It was great seeing all of you at our shower. Pictures will be forthcoming. Thank you to those who provided gifts for baby [last name]. For those that still might be sending gifts (other than gift cards), please be sure to send to N's work, not our home address. (Luckily I stayed home today so was able to receive a couple shipments.) Cheers, N&N

Seriously, the instructions continue. It's like a primer on all things completely unacceptable in a shower.

AND, I don't think I loaned my Maya wrap. I think it ended up being a total gift. Gaaahhh. I should have kept my mouth shut and sold it on the secondary market for $25!

I need to let it go. Given geography, won't see them for a long time. Back to regular programming tomorrow. I have to shake this so-called shower off!


Nixy said...

Wow, these people are unbelievable!

And you should get your Maya wrap back! They shouldn't expect to keep it (though they are tactless enough to do it).

Maybe you could just reply to the email and say something like: "Hey! I just remembered that I forgot to sharpie my name into the tag of the Maya wrap. Would you mind doing that so that I'm sure to get it back?"

Then at least you could sell it then.

BTW, you're a saint, I'd have freaked out on them long ago.

Am I doing okay? said...

I despise emails signed Cheers! I think they're in for a rude awakening when the baby comes. I have a feeling they're going to get one with the colic.

Jo said...

What utter assholes. I mean, REALLY.

I like Nixy's suggestion. And really, what are they going to say to that?

Argh. Some people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. (As an infertile, I can say that).


Astarte said...

Oh, I would totally ask them to write your name in the wrap!!! That's a good idea! Although, really, you do love them, and they're just being obnoxious, so if you're not planning on using the wrap again, maybe it's best to let it go.

I don't know how on earth you could go about letting them know that they're being incredibly rude, especially if they're not like that in other ways. Do you think that moving has changed them, and maybe they're hanging out with people who act like that, and they've taken cues from them?

It's hard to stop being annoyed at someone who keeps shoving things in your face!

san said...

Gah, still annoying!