Thursday, January 28, 2010

So, yeah.

John Edwards. Ugh. I won't link anyplace because it's everyplace. And it just gets uglier and uglier. He's out of politics now (and forever, I don't think you come back from this), so this poking and prodding is just for gossip purposes now.

I was watching GMA this morning and Cokie made the point that painting Elizabeth as a harpy shrew was pretty damn unfair. What do we expect? She has cancer, for god's sake, and her husband is having this sordid affair. Hell yeah, lady, get angry. I know if I were her I would have been afraid, too (I know there are all these timing issues, what she knew when and how that coincided with cancer and recurrence). But overall - you're sick, you might die soon, you have young children - and your husband is off with some kook. I would have been hysterical, thinking about my kids caught up in this and what their future would hold. Ugh.

At least he's getting public judgement. There's one public figure I despise with a passion, and not (just) because of his politics (disclosure for new-er readers: pretty unabashed liberal here). Newt Gingrich divorced one of his wives while she was fighting breast cancer.

I used to, before 2007 and my husband's affair, be afraid I would get sick, really sick, and he would leave. That's how I saw it happening (poor naive me). There are some men, for whatever reasons of upbringing and temperament, who simply cannot deal with hard things - with not being the center of attention, with having to take care of someone else and not, therefore, being taken care of themselves. We have better tools now and a better understanding of ourselves, but I have no illusions.

Back to the bigger issue: People are people. Those with a national spotlight are no less human than anyone else. Should we be surprised at their humantity? Should we expect more from them? I think we should expect them to be flawed humans, but hopefully, as with all of us, doing the best they can.


Jo said...

This really made me think. Not so much as with celebrities, but with my own husband. Do I expect too much from him? Do I chastise him (internally if not aloud) whenever he falls from my own idea of perfection? Can I ever accept the fact that he is human, and therefore flawed?

Lots to ponder.


casey said...

i can't say enough hateful things about john edwards. he is a douchebag to the extreme. i am glad his wife had the balls to kick his as out, ESPECIALLY because she has cancer and it would've been "easier" while living in the political machine, to allow that bastard to stay. she is settinga much better example to her daughters by ditching him. now they won' have a warped idea of what marriage is. not every marriage where infidelity occurs should end (I don't think) but this one certainly should. A LONG TIME AGO. man he makes me sick. my sole consolation is karma. as a christian i shouldn't judge but he really churns my stomach. they have been married longer than i;ve been alive, suffered the loss of a child together, a terminal illness. all of it. he just makes me sick.

casey said...

damn. i was so fired up my comment was FULL of typos. my apologies!

CLC said...

How does he look at himself in the mirror every day? It amazes me how people can justify their actions no matter whom they hurt.