Monday, February 2, 2009


Thanks so much for all the good wishes. It really is just such a relief. I don't know many details, though. Which, as time has passed, has made it seem not quite real. Here's what I know.

Wednesday I finally got a call from the full time job I was pursuing, to schedule an interview. I played phone tag with the guy, just leaving messages, and was going to blog about that. The phone rang, and caller ID registered the part-time place. I seriously thought, oh, shit, here it is. The rejection call. I almost did not answer.

It was the head of the organization - he said it had been a long process, btu I had come out on top and they were offering me the job. All I could say was, really? I told him I was so pleased and excited. He had few details - they want it to start March 1. They have office space, but it's under construction (I would be the only person based in this location), and so not available til April 1, so could I work from home? And 20 hours per week, paid hourly. Really, it's perfect. Little man will be 14 weeks old on March 1. But otherwise, he had no details. My computer is acting up, so I asked if they would supply a computer or if I needed to use my own, and they will supply. There are no benefits, but that's fine right now.

At the end he said, well, I legally shouldn't ask this, btu how are things with the baby? Weird way to phrase it. If they're offering me the job they can certainly inquire politely, right? I just laughed and said things were good, he was up to 6 hours sleep at night, and 6 hours makes you human. He just laughed. So now I'm waiting for an official offer letter, which should contain more details.

Meanwhile, I've got this other interview out there. I was busy Thursday and Friday, so had suggested today, and we had scheduled for this afternoon. I've been trying to get into this other organization since I began this blog. But for where my life is right now, this part-time thing is really the best thing. Though, I have to say, watching our economy tank, and knowing the interview place pays well, a part of me wonders if I should go full time and try and save money. But full time is a tough road with an infant, and the part-time pay is enough to still contribute to savings, jsut not as much. I am going to call the interview and say I have an offer coming and see how they react. Without the actual offer in hand, though, I feel a little unsettled, you know? I really don't know how best to handle where things are now. Any ideas?


Andiamo said...
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Andiamo said...

Sorry had a typo....

My $.02 is to take the interview with the full time gig. You really need to have something in writing from the part time to stop the process with any other opportunities. Again, just my opinion, but the part time gig has not officially taken you off the market without an offer letter. I wish you the best of luck either way.

Wabi said...

Yep, I agree -- do the interview with the full-time position and pursue it seriously. It gives you a backup plan for earning a living, but also gives you leverage with the part-time job, should that company continue to be flaky and not come through with the contract as quickly as promised. (How awesome would it be to calmly state, "Gee, since we last spoke I have been offered ANOTHER JOB! So, if you really want me, you need to COMMIT, like, immediately ..."