Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MIL's birthday

Last week was the mother in law's birthday. My husband sent cards and posted some pics on our family photo site (we post family pics on a password-protected site (think Picasa, Kodak Gallery, and the like - since we live so far from family/friends).

MIL wrote my husband an e-mail just thanking him for the cards. Husband wrote her back and said she was welcome, and we had just had some studio pics taken that we would mail to her once they came in.

My husband just told me today that MIL wrote him back. She asked - why did we care about her now and seem to be reaching out after ignoring her since December 2007 and keeping news about her grandson from her.

Let me repeat that - keeping news of her grandson from her.


She really heard nothing of what we told her when we told her about the pregnancy.

Husband wrote her back today and said he had been hurting so much in December 2007 and needed their understanding and didn't get it - got in fact the opposite. And that had really hurt, and he needed time - a lot of time - to recover from that.

Gah. We're getting sucked back in, aren't we?

*since I had to edit to correct a typo, just thought I'd add - how on earth did I marry into a family where a $4.29 card from Target is the be-all end-all in emotional communication?


Brendan and Brenna's Mom said...

Yes you are. Run, run fast!

CageQueen said...

Dude, with as much as they try to take you hostage emotionally, I'd say $4.29 was way too much to spend. I'd have gone to the dollar store but whatev.

CLC said...

Um, yeah. Retreat, immediately!

Antigone said...

Narcissists have a way of continually sucking people back in. My ex has even had me feeling sorry for him! FEELING SORRY FOR HIM! They just seem to feed off of those of us who are emotionally healthy and empathetic.

Anonymous said...

Strange Comment:

I found your blog in a round about way. When I began reading I couldn't believe how much your story in terms of marriage and in laws sounded like mine. We are in the middle of our in law saga and I think about it everyday and what do we do if we get pregnant again. I just wanted to tell you that reading your blog and knowing that other people go through the same thing is a big deal. I keep thinking there is something wrong with me and my husband for not getting along with them but I am starting to realize it might not be us. I know this is random and out of nowhere, but thanks for sharing your story. It has really meant a lot to me.

Chhandita said...

Oh please run away laws are EVIL!!!