Thursday, February 12, 2009


Called my folks today and got my dad. He's feeling better, not in as much pain. He did try to see his doctor early (had appointment scheduled for today), but the doctor was totally booked. So he saw someone else, who adjusted his medicine slightly. And gave my dad food for thought, as he sits in his recliner with his foot elevated. New doctor said he should have been in the hospital, but the danger had passed, so there was no need now. And new doctor gave him some other tips and information. My dad said, come to think of it, when he had the ultrasound to diagnose yes, there was a blockage in a vein, the nurses said they would call his doctor with the news. And when they came back after calling the doctor, they seemed surprised the doctor just wanted him back in the office, not directly to the hospital. So, my father plans to get through this, then find a new GP/internist.

My mom's family is the one who refuses to visit the doctor unless it's clearly absolutely necessary. I'm that way, too - oh, it'll pass, it's not that big a deal, it'll be fine. But I do know sometimes it is a big deal. I try to keep that in mind for myself, but yet I have no 'regular' doctor - just the OB. Once things settle down a bit - after my annual OB visit in the early summer - I plan to find a good GP and have a real physical (the first in, I don't know, 10 years or so?). Though, see, this is where I always talk myself out of it, I'll still be breastfeeding, so I should wait.....but really, I'm 40 now and should have a real workup, cholesterol, screenings, the works for my age. I did ask the OB about mammograms starting at 40, and that is the one test that does wait til after the breastfeeding is done, so I'm ok there.

Feeling slightly better than I have been. My father was cheerful and sounded like himself, though he did say he needed another week before going back to work. He is on the mend, though, and that's what matters.

I was thinking today, though, of his weight, and his heart issues, and how I so desperately want him around another 10 years at least (he's 67). Really another 20 (or 30). (Or forever, honestly.) And how I think he really should exercise more (though the bypass has resulted in him regularly exercising doing therapy), eat better, and drink less (alcohol). The same applies to me, too. I want to stick around a long, long time. And carrying this excess weight, and eating junk food, is not the right path.

My public service announcement - visit the doctor. Take care of yourself. And I'll do the same.

Do you go regularly? Am I unusual in not having a physical in a long, long time? Or do you just rely on your OB appointments to catch things?


CageQueen said...

I'm 27 and have never had a physical in my entire life. I think the closes I got was an exam before cheerleading season. My OB get spissy when I rely on her to perform all the other tasks. I do have a GP, though.

CLC said...

I am glad your Dad is ok. I am sorry you have to worry about this.

And I don't have a GP either. I feel like I spend so much time at the OB or my gastroenterologist, what's the point?

The Yak said...

I have a checkup every year simply because it's always been cheap or free. I sort of like the reassurance of annual blood work, feeling it might spot something before I had symptoms. Also it provides a record of normal baseline values for me. But I have to see a doc now and then anyway to refill or readjust meds (Prozac).

Antigone said...

This is a sore spot for me. My father is 65 and he drinks too much, carries too much weight, and doesn't manage stress well. Now that I'm parenting solo, I'm suddenly more fearful of losing my own parents. My fear is that Percy won't have any family as he grows up.