Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've had a ton going on lately, but when I was in a somewhat boring meeting I was clicking around and saw the unfortunately meme, so decided to see what turned up. Nothing on which box - which means "unfortunately which box" was a goolenope, until just now. Someone has coined googlenope for phrases for which not a single google hit pops up. I think there's some website or contests to come up with new googlenopes - I heard a funny one the other day but have forgotten, if I find it I'll link it back here - oh someone sent it in an e-mail - they had read it someplace - "the only white guy in my golf class." Funny.

Anyway, so Unfortunately [Which Box's real name] yields a few good ones:

  • Unfortunately, [Which Box's] ardent supporters began turning on her...
  • Unfortunately, [Which Box] made things worse by showing up at the review board drunk and accusing the hospital administrator of having a vendetta against her.
  • Unfortunately, [Which Box] is unaware that the last man she was with is entangled with the mob.
  • Unfortunately, [Which Box's] in rehab, not for substance abuse, but for exhaustion. She's just plain tired.
  • Unfortunately, [Which Box], your short questions require long answers.
  • Unfortunately [Which Box] was told by the doctor that the chances of her conceiving were very slight and so they stopped trying only for [Which Box] to discover a few weeks later that she was pregnant.
Wow, through a very fuzzy lens it does kinda parallel my own life. (note: very, very fuzzy lens)


Jo said...

Other than turning up drunk and accusing hospital staff, I can see how all the others may apply.

Hoping things are calming down lately.

Thinking of you,

niobe said...

Intrigued about that "entangled with the mob" thing. But I think I'm going to go with a policy of don't ask, don't tell.

Leah said...

I googled unfortunately and then my name and this is the funniest one I found so far-

Unfortunately Leah had some complications and had to be spayed but she has been a wonderful mother to her litter.

That is funny!