Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another one

Another year down.

And, once again, I turn to the if today is your birthday feature in the paper for inspiration and guidance*:

"This year is delightfully unconventional. By the end of September, singles find offbeat romance, and couples make novel choices to spice up their relationships. Your needs change as you evolve through the fall. The changes you make in October help your finances and lifestyle to improve all at once. Taurus and Aquarius adore you."

Hmmm. Horoscopes really are mindless crap, aren't they?

40 was a good year. Not as good as I intended, but good in its own way. But yes, I have the exact same resolutions this year as I did last, and as I've had, in some form or fashion, every year. I think being over 40 means you start to become more accepting of your place in the world. It is what it is, you know?

*not really


Melis.sa said...

Happy Birthday!!

k@lakly said...

Happy, Happy Day!

Louise said...

happy (late) birthday! May 41 be much better than 40.

Astarte said...

Happy belated birthday! And, I'm so glad to hear that your job is going well. You deserve happiness.

Paz said...

Happy Birthday. Hope this is a good year for you.