Monday, September 7, 2009

I am totally crazy

So I mentioned this in the last post, but both kids have been sick, sick, sick the past ten days or so. Before that, my little guy hit a 9-month sleep regression - he's crawling, pulling up, trying to walk, teething, and learning baby sign language all at the same time and with all that going on, sleep is the last thing on his mind.

We're talking 2, nearly 3, weeks of massively interrupted sleep. Newborn baby type sleep, snatches here and there, never more than a few hours at a time. That takes a huge toll on the relationship. Huge. We do not handle sleep deprivation well. So it's been a rough time. Looks like we are coming out of the sick period, and tonight my husband and I talked about how short we've been with each other and how much this period has impacted us. So, communication is a good thing, it seems.

I had been exercising and eating well following my birthday and was seeing some early results, which have all been wiped out. I'm back on the wagon tomorrow, I think. Even with the exhaustion, you have to just power through, something I've never been particularly good at doing.

So, change of subject, how worried are you about H1N1? Have I asked this before? With a child now in school, for us I think it's matter of when, not if.


Tash said...

There's a reason they use sleep dep as a torture device. It's just awful. I'm so sorry. I know it's bringing you both down, but could you work through it in stages so that one person at least can have an ok day, every other day?

I'm with ya on swine flu. Our school has already sent home emails. And I think it will be this month, in advance of the vaccines which aren't due out en masse until October. Stock up on veggie soup and movies is all I can do, I think.

niobe said...

Lots of people in my office had H1N1 earlier this year. In fact, they closed the building day care for a while because of it. But, honestly, it seemingly wasn't any worse than the plain old seasonal flu.