Tuesday, December 29, 2009

doomsday Wednesday

Tomorrow: the in-laws.

Yep, you read that correctly. And believe me, I'm not happy.

My husband took the dog's passing hard. As did the in-laws. At one point, my mother in law e-mailed that she would call except she was crying too hard. (pu-leeeze). Losing our little dog before Christmas sort of seems to have crystallized losing his family for my husband, is all I can figure.

We had been tentatively making plans to get together with his brother, brother's wife, and 5 year old in this week between Christmas and New Years - meeting in an inbetween city at a children's museum, which we have done before. My husband has been setting this up with his brother, and yesterday turns to me and says, what do you think if others are there. Others? Yeah, my parents. And probably my sister. As as aside, my - I don't know - disgust? rage? wearied annoyance? has lately been focused on this sister of his. I'm sick of all of them, of course. Seriously, my little guy is one year old, and there's been more crying over the dog than missing a full year of the little guy's life. And the sister? The last time we heard anything from her was the shrieking cursing phone call as I was being prepped for c-section. And now she's just going to be there at this family get together?

Bleah. I hate this. Knew it was coming, wish there was a way to prevent it. I feel like I'm just facing the inevitable, though, with no way out. Don't go, and I leave my kids in their clutches. Don't go, and feed into more drama. Go, and suck it up.


CageQueen said...

i honestly cannot even begin to imagine how your husband thinks it is ok to subject you to them. doesnt he feel hurt that his own family neglects his son?? ugh.

we havent spoken to my husband's father in months because of his abuse and i am glad my husband is choosing the right thing for our family.

gosh, this comment sounds judgemental and mean. im sorry, i dont mean it to come across that way. i just feel so bad for you!! and for your son!! babies can pick up on that stuff, such as not being wanted.

i would not give your in-laws the benefit of not having you there. that'd probably please them and they dont deserve pleasure, least of all at your expense. i'd be there the entire time and let your presence be known and felt.

i'll cross my fingers for you. cant wait to hear how it all turns out. good luck!!

Jo said...

Ugh. No fun at all. I agree, though, don't give them the pleasure of bailing. Be there, supervise, and let them know in no uncertain terms that YOU are still in control here.

Sending tons of hugs your way.


niobe said...

Well, you know what I'd do. But my second choice would probably involve soothing narcotics of some kind (for me, not -- tempting though it might be -- for them)

Tash said...

Oh honey. This sounds . . . like a ring of Hell. I wish you well, and the ability to say what you need to without your jaw dropping to the floor and drool spilling out when they come with teh stoopid.

And of course I await a full report. Maybe you could live blog it?

Nixy said...

ug. double ug. I agree with those above that say don't give them the pleasure of you bailing. At least you'll have some control if you go.

I also think a live blog sounds like a fabulous idea. :)

CLC said...

Wow. How did it go? Hope it wasn't as painful as you anticipated.

Caro said...

Ugh! Hope it wasn't too bad.