Friday, December 4, 2009


You'd think I'd have a lot of thoughts about Tiger. And I guess I sort of do, but mostly I don't. And I think that's a good sign, actually. Famous cheating spouses no longer are no more like knives to the gut. (though John Edwards you're still majorly on my shit list).

You never really know what happens between two people. What arrangements they've made, what deals they've struck, what blind eyes are turned. His wife does seem to have been surprised, maybe, to have lashed out the way it seems. And for that, I have quite a bit of empathy for her. Others have said it far better than me, and I won't link around because it's everywhere, but Tiger's image has been burnished to the point we all thought he was squeaky clean. Maybe a bit of a perfectionist temper, but otherwise clean and wholesome goody two shoes. I absolutely do think differently of him. Not just that it's clear he's as human as the rest of us. But also, I do think we need a bit more shame for when people are exposed - he isn't an honorable person. He isn't a decent family man. He is not the man he projected himself to be. He is far, far less.

What do you think of Tiger these days?


Kymberli said...

"He is not the man he projected himself to be."

Did he project himself to be squeaky clean, or is that the only side of him we allowed ourselves to perceive or believe he had?

Here's my take on it - Tiger is responsible to no one but himself. Sure- he's in the spotlight and is a helluva good golfer and is generally a nice guy. But that's what a celebrity is - only what we see of a person on the surface. A person's celebrity status is only as deep as what we see in the media, and that's a superficial level, indeed. People tend to forget that celebrities, especially those who've been able to maintain a relatively spotless reputation, have their own faults and deeper levels to their true personalities that we never get to see, and I personally don't believe that we're entitled to be privy to all of those layers. Is what Tiger did wrong? Without a doubt - but I don't hold him accountable for misrepresenting himself to the public eye, because the public doesn't know (or *didn't* know) of the all the private inner-workings of his personality.

All of that said, I am soooo on Team Elin:

niobe said...

I'm thinking he needs to change his name to.....(wait for it)
I crack myself up. And, yes, I totally stole that from somewhere or other.

Tash said...

I'm kinda meh, and frankly finding it rather amusing that this control freak, perfectionist apparently can't have an affair on the down-low to save his life (seriously, texting skanks from vegas on your personal phone? Are you mad? My own husband wouldn't be that rash). Having said that, I heard some PR guy going off the other day about how we all feel we have a "right" to know this stuff, and my attitude is: Elin has every motherfucking right to smash his car with a nine iron, and if that takes things public, too fucking bad.

CLC said...

I give his wife kudos for smashing his car in. At the same time I feel awful for her because like you said this must have surprised her. But I am not surprised really, despite how squeaky clean he came off as. What pro athlete doesn't cheat on his wife? And nothing ever happens. I am willing to bet she stays (I am not judging), he probably will keep the majority of his endorsements, and he will go on winning at golf. The money they are throwing around on the news that he is giving her is chump change relative to his total worth. So, the bigger question is...has he learned his lesson or will he go on cheating???????????

Jo said...

Mo and I were actually discussing this this morning. I'm of the philosophy that he cheated, he's an ass, and he deserves every bit of backlash he's getting. He KNOWS he's in the public eye, works it to his advantage, and now wants to hide? I don't think so.

Mo, however, agrees more with Kym. That celebrities, by sheer fact of their celebrity, are not necessarily less entitled to privacy than anyone else. That is to say, that this is between him and his wife and no one else.

I can see both sides -- but I'm totally smashing Mo's FACE if I ever catch him cheating. I'm just sayin'.

jwg said...

I think he behaved badly, and I hope his wife really got him with a golf club, but I also feel kind of sorry for him. We tend to forget how young he is, and how young he was when he became such a celebrity. He never really had a chance to grow up. I hope they work it out, and are allowed to do so without being harrassed by the media.

christina(apronstrings) said...

As Charles Barkley said-and has told him-he doesn't get paid all that money because he plays golf-he got/gets paid that because of his brand. Which he's clearly been lying about.

I just feel awful for his wife. I hope she'll grab the kids and get out of the country for awhile. I wonder if there is a clause in the pre-nup that would prevent her from doing that? I do hope she'll leave the marriage for at least awhile.

I don't know-and none of us do, eh?- how much of this is true-but if he was with that many women -that receklessly-for that long-it could be a sexual addiction-which is incredibly sad for him. And his family.
The whole thing is just so blech.

christina(apronstrings) said...

Oh, and his stupid sponsors who have said "we stand behind him...." suck. I don't think they should drop him-but just keep their mouths shut. saying 'we stand behind him' sounds like they are condoning that kind of immature womaninzing behavior. (a first for athletic sponsorships, no? : )

Anonymous said...

I'm over him. So, so over him. He had endeared himself to me by how devoted he was to his father, and when his father passed away he was gutted and seemed to mourn most of all the passing of the strong patriarch who was always there for him. So, by sleeping with anything with two legs, how exactly is he carrying that forward with his kids?

It's true he's a pro with a line in ads. It's true he's a remarkable talent. But I think he knows he has always projected a squeaky clean image, which clearly wasn't enough to keep him on the straight and narrow.


Jo said...

Just checking in, Whichbox. Missing you -- hoping all is well.