Tuesday, January 6, 2009

it's quiet

Too quiet. My parents left on Sunday, after their 6 week visit. Believe it or not, the visit went ok. I"m glad they were here. As my husband said, the only thing worse than them being here is them not being here. They drove me crazy, I drove them crazy, but in the end it was such a help and support and yes, fun, to have them here.

And yesterday the nanny started back, and my husband went to work for a full day. And so it's just me and the little man. And while he's not even close to as easy as my daughter, he's still a pretty easy baby. So, it's quiet.

I have a million things to do - regular cooking and cleaning. Taking down the Christmas tree and cleaning and re-organizing the living room. Putting away all the Christmas stuff from all over the house (mugs, candy dishes, hand towells.....). Thank you notes. Exercising. Applying for jobs.

And yesterday I basically sat around and did nothing. Surfed the web (anyone else constaltny visiting Antigone?). But that's ok, for one day.

I want a job. I want this part-time contract badly. Before the holidays they asked me for references, but said they wouldn't call them til January. Sunday I sent my references talking points. Yeah, I'm that way. Over-anxious.

I'm meandering here without a point. I don't do well with unstructured time. I need a list, a purpose, a plan. So, today. I'm making a lentil dish that cooks in the slow cooker, so got to get that going. And taking ornaments off the tree. Add in three or four nursing sessions, perhaps a nap, maybe white clothes laundry, and boy that's a full day, hmmm?

Wow, I'm soooo interesting right now. Not to worry, I'm sure my in-laws or husband have something up their sleeve I can blog about soon enough!

Oh, hell, I can't leave it like that. Here's a picture. I'll have my groove back by tomorrow and lots of posts about how you really put a marriage back together. If anyone knows, please tell me, ok?


Tash said...

Relish the quiet while it's there. That's my opinion. Enjoy the nothing, snuggle with the baby, get some cat naps.

And lordy, what a cute picture.

Am I doing okay? said...

Yes, adorable picture! I'm proud of you for getting through it all!

Wabi said...

OMG, so cute!

clickmom said...

Your day sounds perfec to me. Enjoy it.

CLC said...

What a cute picture! I love it!

Leah said...

Beautiful kids.

Dora said...

What a gorgeous photo!