Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So, the fuckers at the part-time contract job emailed me this morning. Thanks for references, we'll call them in the next two weeks and decide by the end of the month. WTF.

I am really beginning to dislike these people.

I mean seriously. In my experience, references are the final check before the offer. I guess they are using references for - what? deciding between people? I am using one of their BOARD MEMBERS for a reference, for the love of god. I am connected. I am good. I would be good at that job, and I'm having a hard time believing there's intense high-level competition for an average-paying part-time contract position. So, that put me in a bad mood this a.m. I did not take down the tree yesterday. And this morning the city crews came around and picked up trees. Didn't make lentils yesterday, and the prep (slow cooker recipe) was a bitch today. And the little man? Wouldn't eat off the left boob, leaving me lopsided (and uncomfortable). In sum, crappy morning.

So I went to the movies. I've Loved You So Long. Eh. It was ok. At least I was out of the house.

But then, after the movie, I got another e-mail. Instead of my to-do list yesterday, I applied for a job. And I got an e-mail asking for a phone interview. Interview is tomorrow afternoon. I need a job. I WANT a job. I want a part-time job, but I can't do anything more about them, so I need to take what I can get. Once I'm employed again, I can start maneuvering for a better job, or a better situation, or part-time, or telework, or whatever. But I need to get over this and just freaking get a job.

In other news:
- have you hear about the pending situation where used kids clothes won't be able to be sold in Thrift stores? Aiyiyi! Also, toys won't be able to be sold by small toymakers? Check it out.
- Niobe's surrogate will be induced tomorrow! I am sure she is in a frenzy of anxiety tonight. Or denial. Thinking of her.
- Tash has a great post about Mel being nominated for for a Weblog Award in the category Best Medical Health Issues Blog. Tash's post is spot-on, I have nothing to add. Except VOTE (every day til January 13th. Mel is in the lead, BTW, as of this afternoon.)


Tash said...

Jeebus, you fed an infant AND applied for a job?!? I . . .I . . .I, um, drove Bella around all afternoon? Holy crap, I'm layzee.

I hope you get a job, too. Right now just sucks.

Which Box said...

Key skill - typing one handed while nursing! finished half the cover letter that way. I can whip those cover letters out in about n hour. SINCE I NOW HAVE SO MUCH EXPERIENCE WRITING THEM. Bleah.