Friday, December 26, 2008


Survived Christmas, though it was exhausting. Too much (mostly shopping) left for the last minute, too many things to do. The little man is sleeping a little better, but still up at least twice in the night. I'm getting by basically on 5 interrupted hours a night. And the two days leading up to Christmas were so busy there was no time for a nap - and getting a nap is key to surviving sleep deprivation.

Things have been tough with my husband. He's sleep deprived and stressed about his family and there's been too much to do and it's resulted in us not not connecting and a pretty bad week, actually. Without talking it out, we both just kind of came to a mutual let's not be upset with each other moment on Christmas Eve. And it's nice to be more connected. I hope next week we can talk some of this through. Or maybe, I've been thinking, we need more joint counseling to hash some of it out. I just don't know.

On the in-law front, no word from anyone. We busted our butts to get packages out to his brother and his parents and sister. And nothing in return. Actually, we got a package from his brother's wife, with two presents - for our daughter and son. When we opened the presents on Christmas morning, realized, because of cards, it was my daughter's 3rd birthday present (from September!) and son's birth present.

My husband called his brother Christmas morning, but the brother had gone back to bed. So he chatted with his 4 year old niece and sister in law. She said if it was up to her she'd pack up niece and the two of them would come to the baptism on Sunday. But it's not up to her. No call back from his brother, no word from his sister, nothing from his parents.

My husband e-mailed his sister on Monday to ask about being godmother (he had called a few days prior with no response). She e-mailed back neither a yes nor a no, but did say she couldn't get off work to come.

I hadn't sent in the paperwork to even have the baptism (despite scheduling and sending out invites for an open house party for Sunday!). I sent them in Christmas Eve and certainly hope we're on the schedule this weekend. Gotta call and confirm. I just wrote his sister's name on the paperwork, and said she would not attend.

Oh, and despite eating horribly the past week, I still managed to lose 2 pounds. Breastfeeding is a miracle in some ways.

So a quick update. My husband and parents are out shopping for food for our open house, and I'm home supposed to be cleaning/organizing. This is just a quick just the facts post - but there's so much more going on. Between my husband and me. Thinking about my in-laws. A question about my sister. Too much thought about the past. Thinking about the future for all of us. More thoughtful posts to follow, I hope. I feel like I've been on a non-stop treadmill for the past week. Just have to hang on til Monday, when it should at least slow down. A little.


Meg said...

Sorry if you don't mind my asking, but why would you want your husband's sister to be the godmother if she doesn't want to?

missing_one said...

*hugs* When you have an infant, it is really stressful on a couple. Try finding some time during the week, once a week, to connect and talk. I swear it makes a difference! We had weekly date nights where we'd leave the baby with the inlaws for a couple of hours and went out and had dinner together, where we got to talk.

Don't worry, it'll pass. Once baby starts sleeping more and the holidays are over, it'llget better.


CLC said...

I hope you get some rest this week. I find the whole holiday season maddening and tiring.

And I hope the christening goes well. I am sorry that his sister is acting like an ass.

Antigone said...

Sometimes having too much to do is a blessing. If I have too much time for contemplation I can get really bogged down. So in that sense I'm glad I've been so slammed as well these last few days: not much time to lament everything which is different this Christmas.

Another 2 pounds? Excellent!

k@lakly said...

Hope things work out...I am in awe that you would ask anyone in the fam to take your place if something happened to you and the husband. Or is it different now with Godparents? My lapsing Catholicism is showing....
Yay for the 2lbs! You're brave to get on the scale. I still never look, probably never will. What's that river??? Oh yeah, DENIAL!!

diana said...

Thinking of you all today! Have a nice, fullfiling day!