Thursday, November 19, 2009

few random things

My friend from yesterday, whose sister suffered pregnancy loss at 38 weeks, wrote me back and said she thought Glow In The The Woods was amazing, so I'm glad I sent it to her. She said the doctors were doing an autopsy, and that her sister was mostly angry right now - she was a high risk pregnancy for some other medical reasons and was monitored very carefully, but as we all know things can turn so quickly. I am so glad this resource exists. It truly is invaluable.

My first work event went off very well. The second is tomorrow morning, and immediately after we are hitting the road for Thanksgiving, headed to my parents for a long week away.

And I still am coughing! This all started right at Halloween, so I am on day 19 of a really bad cough. Am so hoping some time away, with no work, will clear things up.


Anonymous said...

Isn't great when you take a risk when you are genuinely trying to help someone and you get a grateful response? I think it encourages us to help each other more even though it is much easier to protect our own grief, stories, hurt etc.

niobe said...

I'm so, so glad that she finds GITW helpful. For me, finding other people who'd suffered losses was incredibly comforting -- it made it seem less as if I'd been singled out for this freakish, inexplicable catastrophe and more like it was just one of those things that sometimes happened.