Saturday, November 14, 2009

we interrupt for a bloggy question

OK, I need bloggy guidance of a technical sort. A past post, from November 2008, is continually receiving comments from spam. I have this set to send me e-mails when I get a comment, so I know what's going on. If not for that feature, I'd have no idea this post was attracting so much spam. I keep going in and deleting it, and then 2 more messages show up overnight.

Why one post from Nov 08? Is this a precursor to the entire blog being spammed? Should I worry? Do I just ignore, and keep deleting as I have time? Is there a way to stop this? Wait, hmm, you can close coments on specific posts, right? I should probably do that? On all old posts? Can I do it on specific ones? Oh ye of more experience - help!


mo*reezy said...

you should be able to turn comments off on single posts in the edit post screen... another way to avoid spam is to set your comments to be moderated - you still get the same email, but it gives you options to approve or reject the comment. good luck!

Tash said...

Just in the last two weeks, I've gotten about 4-6 spam comments on random stuff from last year, too. Doesn't seem to be a pattern though, they're all different posts. I'm trying through statscounter to figure out the url to see if I can block it, though I realize it's most likely coming through someone's computer without their knowledge, and god only knows who I'll end up blocking. But whatever. I suppose they can email me.

That or I'll start locking down old comments too. Wonder if this is some sort of virus that someone loaded up into google users to randomly spread shit to blogs they at least look at.