Sunday, August 10, 2008

they sent us a card

Friday the mail comes and I notice a card from my in-laws. Hmmm, they actually sent us an anniversary card.

I decide to open it (sometimes I just leave it to my husband).

Generic card, wishing you happy anniversary, blah blah.

And then the signature -
Best Regards, Bob and Alice

Seriously. WTF?! Best regards? First names? Are they kidding?!

I note the card was signed and addressed by my father-in-law. Is he kidding? What the hell is this? Best regards? Wow. I decide to just leav eit for my husband to discover.

And when he gets home, he looks at it, mutters under his breath, and just leaves it on the front table.

We talked about it later Friday. It's possible his dad is just being a dork, and actually meant to be nice. It's also possible this is more passive aggressive shit. Who knows. Ignore.


Antigone said...

Given my reflections on my soon-to-be-ex-in-laws, I've concluded that when one partner is narcissistic or dysfunctional, the other ends up just as screwed up.

But at least FIL is trying, right?

Astarte said...

Hmmm...I would *guess* it's just a man trying to write a card. They're not very good at those kinds of things, generally. I think it's more of a statement that he sent one and not HER, both in that she didn't send it, and also that he did, which is unusual. I would guess that he's at least being somewhat supportive, since he actually went out and got a card, but she's of course not.