Tuesday, September 16, 2008


People shouldn't post unexpected doctor visit posts and then disappear for a few days, hmm?

But I'm ok, rested most of the weekend, and no further pain. My parents arrived Sunday, so no time for anything other than a few comments on other's blogs and a quick update.

Had job interview today. Was totally ambivalent as job is located over and hour's commute away. So I called the head of the search committee on Monday and said I'm pregnant, not sure I'm up for this or you'd want me (more elegantly than that). We decided I should still interview - honestly, as others have said, if the choice was between me and someone else, I'd chose someone else nearly every time given the particulars of this job, demands of commute, and new baby on the way. But always good experience to interview, huh. Biggest shock - I wore the same thing I wore for the interview Aug 20, and yeah, I've grown. No more hiding it, that's for sure.

Doctor's office called today - all results from last week were fine. take it easy, drink lots of water, try not to stress too much.

So, no stress. Just trying to enjoy this week. More later!


Astarte said...

I'm glad you're OK. It actually sounds like you've gotten over the stress-hump, too, at least for now. That's good to hear!

Tash said...

No stress? Let me know how that goes.