Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Piling on

No stress. Right. Pretty close to a pipe dream, as Tash so correctly pointed out.

I had a check up today, my parents dropped me off. They were talking politics and I was chewing lifesavers like there was no tomorrow. And I cracked a freaking tooth. CRACKED. A TOOTH.

Breathing. Dentist appointment tomorrow morning. I am quite proud that it's been three hours and I have not worried at it at all, so actually I am not quite sure how bad it is. Except I know it is CRACKED. For the love of God. On a Lifesaver. Isn't that ironic? Or something?

Oh, also, it appears I have gained THREE POUNDS in one week. Except I usually go to the doctor in the morning, and this appointment was right after a fairly heavy lunch. So I'm not stressing over that. Much. Otherwise, appointment was fine (and doctor gave ok for narcs, if I need them. Which I probably will).

My husband and I are going out to dinner tonight and then the movies, my parents are babysitting. So let's hope I remember with every single stinking bite of food to only eat on the left side. Like that will happen. And I suppose no popcorn, and isn't that the whole point of going to the movies???????

Oh. But there's good news - Harris Teeter is AGAIN having triple coupons. And I am again absurdly excited. AND, on Thursdays they offer an extra 5% off for senior citizens. I get my love of bargains from my parents, so they are also excited to come to the store. My dad is fussing at my mom for not bringing her coupons with her on the trip (I didn't think I'd go grocery shopping on my vacation! fusses back my mom). So, after I get my tooth drilled or filled or crowned or FUCKING EXTRACTED, god help me, I can go to the grocery store. What a life. At least I am not alone in my coupon madness (here's looking at you, Astarte).

My mom is voting for Obama. My dad might not. They live in a swing state, so at a minimum they'd cancel each other out, so that's not bad. Not worth a cracked tooth, though.


Antigone said...

If I don't vote at all, will I go to Hell?

I hope you're not in pain. Can we even take anything for pain when pregnant?

Tash said...

Ok, I'm trying so hard not to laugh here, and to take the lesson: No politics with hard candy in mouth.

Frankly, some mornings my husband just outright prohibits me from seeing the newspaper because he doesn't want my day to begin with a string of "F-U!"'s, etc. I'm that way, too.

I may just grind my teeth down to stubs between my personal stress and this f'n election. Time for a mouthpiece.