Monday, March 10, 2008

anonymity, part 2

Back from a weekend work trip. Flew out Friday, back Sunday evening. Let me sum up the weekend work trip in one word: SUCK.

I had no weekend. I had no break. I went to sleep last night thinking how nice to have a few days off, and woke up to realize it was Monday. Not pleasant.

Thanks for the recent commenting. Anonymous blogs do seem to be the rage. I wouldn't particularly care, I think, if many of you learned more about me. I do care, very much so, if people in my real life learn about the blog life. It's a bit paradoxical, isn't it? I'd welcome you, new people, into my real life, but not real life people into blog life.

We live in a small world, though, and wouldn't it be horrifying to discover a blog person was actually your next door neighbor? Or a major client? Or funder? Or potential new employer....yeah, I think I'm keeping the anonymity for now. But, if anyone, particularly anyone who comments, wants to get in touch with the real me, drop me an e-mail at

Fun fact #1083 about which box: I am remarkably bad at keeping in touch in real life.

You might also tell me how to add an e-mail me widget-y thing to a sidebar, though perhaps I can figure it out. On my next free weekend.

Thanks also for whatever info you all have had on my reproductive life. I am taking my antibiotics and feeling loads better. Kidding. Feeling exactly the same. I did call my regular OB/GYN and ask if I had ever been tested before for mysterious ureaplasma and the answer was no.

I've got a lot on my mind. Despite near constant work, there was still thinking time. Today is a relatively free day, but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have an all consuming meeting. So, I'm going to say I need a break and go out for a few hours. And take part of Friday off too. Daylight savings time didn't help, that's for sure, but a full weekend of work has left me feeling too foggy and disjointed.


Antigone said...

You could just type in the html:

E-Mail Me

Antigone said...

oops, didn't mean to make the link active:

< a href="" > E-Mail Me < /a >

meg said...

Cool, I am going to copy that nifty little html thing too. So cool.

I hope you get a little time to yourself. The working the weekend thing is really not fun at all.

CLC said...

Working over the weekend is like punishment. Sorry, don't mean to make you feel any worse there. Hope it eases up and will be checking back here for updates.