Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I've been mildly freaked out lately because there's a chance a couple of friends have discovered this blog.

I've been thinking lately about going more public, I guess because blogging is inherently a public act, and it feels weird not to talk about it in my real life. And, things are more stable (ha) in my life right now, so it doesn't feel as important to be private. On the other hand, let's just look over there on the right at what those archives hold. This blog was - and still is - the one place I could really pour out my fears, my despair, my anger.

So, yeah, want to keep this under wraps.

What about you? Is your blog anonymous? How would you feel if it wasn't? What do you do to maintain anonymity, and is that even possible in our information age?


Am I doing okay? said...

IDK - you are pretty tight lipped. I've speculated about you a bunch and I'm part Nancy Drew - but I've got nothin'. I couldn't pick you out of a line-up, even a North Eastern area line-up....

I use my real name and my kids. I have a few drinks and then tell all the mommies they should read my blog. Ha!

I haven't told my mom or mother-in-law.

niobe said...

I don't really want anyone to know about my blog. I suppose they'll find out sooner or later and, despite the pseudonyms, I think my story is pretty recognizable.

theotherbear said...

I really really wish I had never given my family my blog address.

meg said...

I don't want anyone to find my blog, but I think a few people have.

I am considering going private or something like that. It just doesn't feel like a safe place tot write anymore. At all.

clickmom said...

I like to say what I think on my blog but can't always because a few friends know about it and my sister. I'd never tell my parents. I don't event think they know what a blog is or why I spend so much time on the computer.

I was shocked when I went to the back to school night at my son's high school and not one but two mothers came over to me and told me how much they like my blog. I had no idea anyone in this town that I don't know had found it. I dis my town all the time. I still do, but there is always a little guilt pang when I do that now.

Still, I blog to make something for my kids, so I keep plugging away at it. I don't care what anyone else thinks. We all have something, I just make mine public. Ask yourself why you are blogging and what you are hoping to get back from it. Maybe that will help you see how you need to do it.

Antigone said...

I don't want real and virtual to meet. I would feel too inhibited.