Friday, March 28, 2008

And now for something completely different

I've been feeling a bit, I don't know, peckish lately. Hungry, yes, but other meaning vaguely irritated, unsettled. Partly grief, partly nerves, partly spring, maybe, who knows.

We're off to the family on Sunday, back Wednesday. I have two more family stories I want to craft into posts (craft? Don't I mean disgorge in volumes of words onto the page?), but we'll see if it's possible while away.

Meantime, I was just visiting Please Give Me Back My Heart, and reading about blogging, creating a successful blog, excessive blog reading.

I'm still searching, a bit, I think, for my blogging community. Where is it? I don't really fit in the dead baby blog land all that well. While I wanted to blog about that, my impetus for blogging was my husband leaving me. I never did really find the infidelity/picking up the pieces blog land. (though I found a couple of good ones, hope The Scarlet D is doing ok). Where do I find the troubled marriage/infertility/successful pregnancy happy baby land/dead baby/infertility redux/ infidelity/cheating lying husband/can this marriage be saved/oh my god I actually am pregnant holy hell I hope it sticks blogs? Anybody else out there? Helloooooo? Am I all alone in this niche? Do I have the market cornered?

Anyway, the whole point of this is I found a blog this week, who the hell knows how, you just start clicking around and then suddenly, pow!, you're totally sucked in blowing off work to go through all the archives.

I'm pretty whitebread middle America, and I am HOOKED, no pun intended, on:

Confessions of a College Call Girl

I hope she comes back soon because, yeah. Hooked. Line and sinker.

*had to edit because, well, just fair warning, if the title isn't enough, it can get a little raw. Funny at times, poignant at others, thought provoking, interesting, and, yep, dirty as all get out, but not as often as you might think. May not be entirely safe for work.


Antigone said...

Okay I just dug thru her archives. Wow. That was a fun read. Definitely not a behind-the-firewall surf.

niobe said...

I've given up looking for someone like me. 'Cause, as they say, I'm unique (pronounced YOO-nee-cue). Just like everyone else.

Tash said...

What's the fun if everyone's like you? You'd have to get a new blog title for starts: THIS BOX. And that so blase and unsexy.

After this weekend, I will need reminded of this new blog of which you speak. Sounds hilarious.

Best wishes for your trip, on the many levels.

CLC said...

Ok, just read some of that blog- I don't even know what to say. Interesting read, I guess?

And you do have your own niche here in the blog world. But if we were all the same, we wouldn't read each other's blogs because that would be boring!