Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another box?

One of the blogs I read is Not Perfect. Not sure how I found her - though it started with her freaking hilarious blog Bridehood Revisited. She used to be a wedding planner, and has some definite opinions. There's not that much to wind through, so if you view the wedding planning industry with a skeptical eye it's definitely worth going through the archives. (Maybe someday I will update my blogroll. I'll add to the to-do list.)

Anyway, Not Perfect along with someone else is sponsoring a recipe participation thing-y. A challenge. Try a new recipe a week for whatever 8 weeks or so, write about it, etc etc, typical bloggy challengey stuff. Am I in a recipe rut? Let me answer this way - is there any rut I am not in? I've actually been thinking about cooking more - with my unemployment + financial challenges it would be a good thing to try out some new recipes. So I'm thinking about joining.

So, can't take the time to register for say Lost and Found, which would probably help by providing emotional support, but can register for a recipe challenge? This blog so far is about life, death, infidelity, infertility, unemployment, emotional devastation, loss, humiliation, hurtful inlaws....and recipes? What the heck am I about, anyway? There are days I just don't know.

Most of my friends with kids have fairly typical "mommy blogs" (no offense intended, it's what they are). With my family so scattered, and my complete inability to scrapbook/baby book, I've been thinking about starting another blog, with my husband, to cover family stuff, put up kiddie pics, movies, etc. As with this blog, my #1 hurdle is coming up with a good name. I'd keep this blog for me alone - might let you all know about the other, but wouldn't let the other know about this. I'm worried about inadvertently posting using WhichBox over on whatever new blog, but with care I could manage. Recipes might be best over there, or still here?

So tell me, how do you decide what your blog is about and what's outside its scope? Do you try to stay focused on the original intent, or do you stray? Do you have more than one blog for your different boxes?


Tash said...

You know me. Blog on death. Stayed on death. But I think these things (cooking is a great example) weave their way into my overall theme in real life, so it's not a big stretch writing about things like going out to dinner or whatever over there. What I find most interesting I suppose is that over the past few months I can go a few days, sometimes a week, with nothing to say about babydeath. Which I find slightly . . . impressive? Depressing? Whatever.

I can't imagine writing a mommy blog, per se. I'm really not that much of an expert to do any of my other interests plus they're already being done so well (food, wine, politics).

Skipping down a few posts, phew on the visit. Glad all's well on that front.

CLC said...

This is the only box I got. All about my crazy emotions and grief. Maybe one day I will want another box, but this is it for now.

Wabi said...

I think of my blog as "standard warped mommy," meaning in addition to the usual family photos and stories about kids, I also talk about the grief, fear, stress, and strangeness of life. My only theme is me.

Then again, I only have about three readers of my blog. Perhaps the two issues are related? ;)

Anyhow, I personally would love to read about recipes. Everybody eats, no matter what else is going on, right?

Nic said...

I have my one blog now. I used to write Bridehood but once I started a new job the stories faded away. Since your blog is fairly anonymous, I would definitely keep it that way for as long as possible. And I think you should incorporate everything. Everything. Because it's about you.