Monday, June 16, 2008

back to it

Off my soapbox this week, back to just me posting. Finally had my regular OB/GYN appointment last week. It had been 6 weeks since I last saw a doctor, and I had just reached 17 weeks.
All fine. There were a few seconds of anxiety as she searched for the heartbeat, but finally found it stead at 150. She smiled and said, your placenta must be in the front? I sighed in relief and said yeah - the CVS was a bitch. And she laughed. Normal, normal, normal.

I also gave them a ton of blood. 4-5 vials, I think (I can't watch). That was Thursday,
and I guess I will call them this afternoon if I haven't heard anything. I go to a huge practice, so the odds of them calling me are low. I'm still nervous, of course. I'd really like them to call with clean results (including anemia test). Sono scheduled for July 10th.

Negotiations with my last job got ugly last week. I'm so done with them. I have everything boxed up on the front porch for a courier to pick up, and then I wait for my check. It better not be long.

A bit of cleaning and organizing, applying for work, a drop off trip to Goodwill - what's on tap for you this week?

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k@lakly said...

Yay for a good appt. Waiting to hear that heartbeat SUCKS. I feel sick everytime they try. Hope all the tests come back a.o.k. too.
Good luck with the sono, hioe the little beaqn gives you a nice wave:)