Friday, June 27, 2008

interview recap

Survived the interview. Not sure if I thrived, but it was ok. I bought (for $15) a plain black swing jacket a few weeks ago, so wore that that a black stretchy skirt and a regular blouse, so that worked ok.

Had lunch before with my husband and one of his coworkers. Colleague was less effusive than my husband - said they had slowed hiring, but were still interviewing.

Two part interview, a panel of 2 in a small, hot windowless room, then the head of the department. It was really unclear if there was an actual position. The head guy went better than the two, I thought, but both flowed ok, nothing awkward or that didn't fit. I think I could do the job, and I think I would learn a lot to help advance my career. So who knows. I do hope nothing happens too quickly - given my state of mind, any offer in hand is going to be better than any possibilities. And yet I do have some good possibilities, if only they'd come to some level of fruition.

Saturday we are headed out to a water park. Should be fun. Any fun plans for you this weekend?


Antigone said...

Crab cakes tomorrow.

Sounds like the interviews went well. I always get nervous and end up talking too much. I'm okay with technical interviews - getting grilled with questions about design patterns data relations. It's the small talk I struggle with.

niobe said...

Out-of-town friends are visiting, so I'm trying to be cheerful. However.