Monday, July 21, 2008

gone missing

My sister was visiting last week and I took some time away from my computer. Which, sadly enough, did not distract me from the fact that the two interviews I had the week previously had said they were fast tracking and I'd hear something last week. Which I did not. I know, I've been on the hiring side often enough to know that you always say we're moving quickly and will decide next week and you never do. It's always two weeks or longer. Always. Except when it's not and you don't get the job.

I walked into this with more than a handful of solid, solid possibilities. I really thought something would work out. But after working through these, I've got nothing. Nothing else has materialized. And it scares me.

I'm a squirrel when it comes to money, and I've managed to build us up a solid emergency fund.
It would take us through birth and a maternity leave while still keeping the nanny. But to work through that emergency fund will be stressful. I need the security of knowing there's this pocket of money just in case.

My newest plan is to pimp out the nanny. Find ways to share her with neighbors or friends. I've got some possibilities - she already watches one of the neighbor's kids for about 10 hours per week, which has helped over the past 6 months or so. But to really help we need to share her with someone for a good 20-30 hours/week. Nanny pimp, that's my new career.

Plan C is up to my husband. We're going to have to sell back some of his shares of his old company. We're just going to have to. Somehow that topic has not come up again.

I've got nothing else this morning. Or afternoon. It's 1 pm and I've done nothing today, despite a long to-do list that could keep me busy until November.

What's on your to-do list today?


Am I doing okay? said...

Mine is so long, I don't even know where to start.

CLC said...

I hope you hear something soon! I hate waiting.

niobe said...

What an incredibly stressful situation. Job hunting is almost always a very unpleasant experience and the not-quite-a- recession we're going through makes things exponentially worse.