Friday, July 11, 2008

I am an interview rockstar

Except then they meet me and hate me. Sigh.

Highs and lows on the job-hunting front this week.

Just got a call this morning from my husband's employer. Not quite the fit they were looking for, so no dice. On the one hand, I did not want a job there and would have felt tremendous pressure to accept. On the other hand, wah! I want a job. Rejected by my husband's company? How pathetic is that. Except not in my field, only tangentially related to my skill set, etc. But still, rejection stings.

I told someone this past winter that I had never interviewed and then not been offered the job. Which I realized later was not true, but for the life of me I cannot remember when that might have happened, so I get to really feel the sting of rejection today.

But! Also this week I did a prescreen call with a new opportunity that came my way out of the blue. One of my friends, a former colleague, was visiting town this week and met at a party someone whose company was hiring, mentioned me, I passed my resume along, and whammo, prescreen interview. It's a consulting firm, so I don't have the corporate background, but they consult on issues where I was on the non-profit side, so I know the issues. I think I "passed" the call, but who knows. Should know in a week or so.

And then I was also called for another interview. I applied for this job back at the beginning of June, and the woman leading the hiring committee is someone I know from work together over 10 years ago. She told me at the time I seemed like a good candidate. So get this, screening call is AUGUST 6. Which might be followed by interview in SEPTEMBER. Giving the growing belly, I am not getting this job. Plus it would be a long, hour plus commute. But still, I had given up hope of even being called.

I interviewed with a friend's work in May. Was told at the time I was top candidate, they had to pull Board together, interview with whole Board in July. Friend now tells me it'll be August, if then. Perhaps September. Dammit.

And then I applied for the job I think I want most. It opened just last week, but it really might be the best - a prestigious large non profit, position is a deputy director. Again given life changes, that might be the best, plus best of all it's walking distance from my house. Perfect. And I know the director well. And I think we have a good relationship. I just hope they get their act together and interview soon.

So that plus my interview this week is my sum total for right now. I have my resume out, so maybe other things will work out, but I am running out of time.

So, how do I shake off rejection and keep moving ahead? How do you deal with rejection?


Am I doing okay? said...

Move? Does that count? I just feel like I've tried in a city I don't love and before I completely give up, I'm going to give it my all in a place that I know makes my heart happy. Fingers crossed I have a 2nd interview on Thursday in SF.

CLC said...

Perseverance. And the knowledge that you are inteeligent and any non-profit should be happy to have you. And if you are rejected, then it is their mistake. You will find something better for you in the end. Good luck. I know interviewing is a big pain in the ass.

Nic said...

I'm so bad about the rejection thing. I too work in non-profit. I'm assuming you've looked at Idealist which is where I found my job and another I received an offer for. I have my fingers crossed for you!

Trish said...

I hate to say this, but when I was hiring for my dh's office, I would never hire someone who was pregnant. If there were two qualified individuals, I would go with the non-preggo. Because why would I hire someone who was about to leave? Sure, they might come back, but you're inviting aggravation, and in a few months, might be looking to fill the position again. Maybe you should do some at-home work until the baby comes?