Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whip it Up - Week 2

Well, a bit of a miss tonight. I'm just going to link to the recipe this time.

Creamy Gorgonzola Polenta with Summer Squash Saute

From Eating Well magazine. It has a small number of reviews and 3.5 stars (out of 4? dunno), but just didn't do it for me. One of the comments mentioned it wasn't solid enough right away. It was weird - the polenta was fine, exactly like it should be. Added the gorgonzola, took it off heat, stirred it a bit, all seemed fine, and went and played with my daughter for a few minutes as the rest of dinner cooked (meat eater husband and daughter were also having pork chops.) And came back after 5 minutes or so to find it totally liquid-y. It tasted ok, but nothing great. And now, as it continues to sit on the stove cooling, it's just getting more and more liquidy, which is seriously creeping me out. Bleah.

Here it is on my plate, not showing up well since I used white corn meal and plate is white:
And here it is in the pots on the stove. I wish I could convey how liquidy it is - there is absolutely no body left in it whatsoever. And folks, I make cheese grits quite frequently. And they are delicious. And this was not.

Was the recipe easy to follow?
Yes, and much quicker than the 40 minutes listed.

Did it taste good?
Well, yeah, it did. I like gorgonzola. I mean the flavor was good. The texture was bleah.

Kid friendly?
HA. That's a hell no.

Would I make it again?
Probably not. Seriously squidged out by liquid polenta.

So what the hell happened?

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RA said...

Oy, so annoying! I hate it when I try something that should be analogous to something I know how to do, but something goes awry. Better luck next time!