Wednesday, July 2, 2008

quick hits

It's been a busy few days.

Finally called my doctor today, nearly 3 weeks after my appointment. AFP fine, no anemia, every other test fine. Whew. 20 week sonogram next week.

I got the check from my old company and deposited it, so, let's see, I'll actually get the damn money next Tuesday. Grrr.

The thing about this period of waiting, and related to my last post - I feel greedy. I feel I'm constantly thinking about money and that's an unattractive place to be. At least now the intense pressure is off, we have the cushion that will last through August. This will help me relax. Lisse is right, it's hard to enjoy this period of time off because I'm too stressed about the next - next job, next paycheck. So I'm going to try to enjoy this weekend at least.

The bad news - I have to admit I tried to pull one over on my last job. A small one, just to thumb my nose, but sadly it did not work. When it was all going smoothly, I used the corporate card to buy a printer. And I didn't hand the printer in. And the lawyer e-mailed me to ask. On the one hand, dammit, the agreement is all signed and the check is here (but not cleared) so I spent some time trying to figure out if I could ignore it. On the other hand, well, yeah, I was trying to pull one over on them, to the tune of a couple hundred bucks. It's a great printer. But I guess next week I have to hand it over. And sadly I don't think it would be wise to buy another right now, though it was damn convenient to have. But that's it. I don't want to hear from them again. Ever. I want to know if there's a way to block their e-mail. My husband suggested routing it to junk, but I want a way to automatically send a reply back saying my e-mail address is no longer valid (without changing my e-mail, of course). Is that possible? Maybe the best is to set up an auto reply.

And! I have another interview!! This job is in my field, a high level manager job for a funding organization. That's right, no begging for money - handing out money. Super duper for my resume, but high intensity. I have a lot of contacts at the organization, including one insider who is talking me up to the right people and who says I'm a top candidate. Interview next week. I seriously think it's more job than I want (or can handle), but boy would it be a prestigious job if I got it. Would really set me up nicely to do a lot of things after a few years. For now I'll just enjoy being called for an interview. And study, study, study.

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