Monday, July 7, 2008

recipe clutter

I did end up joining Whip It Up, the recipe challenge. So by Thursday I have to do up a new recipe. The suggested theme is pasta. Hmmm. Any ideas?

A few years ago I decided to gather up all the magazines I had stashed around the house and organize them by month. Then, each month I had my reading material. My rule was read the magazine, rip out anything that was of slightest interest, and THROW the magazine out. I've been ruthlessly reading and tearing stuff out since. If I didn't make it through the pile of Januarys in January, I'd put the remaining in a stack and start in on February. And now not so many magazines left scattered around the house. It would all probably fit on one stack, but I've made good progress this Spring.
I've been filing the ripped out pieces in manila folders - gardening, jewelry, exercise routines, craft projects, blah blah blah. And recipes - those are the bigger files on the right. They're "organized" in the sense that there is one folder for desserts and a second, larger, for everything else. Nice, huh? Aren't I organized? But then there's this - I also clip recipes out randomly and shove them in a drawer in the kitchen. Though a few years ago I decided to make a binder out of recipes we tried and liked and so were staples (instead of forgetting there was a recipe there and didn't we like some squash recipe out of this book or that book? Or was it broccoli?

You'd think this wouldn't be hard, given these resources, including my thankfully reasonably sized recipe book collection -
There's $10 in our checking account and my husband gets paid on Friday. And we're out of all fruit and veggies, so in the interest of a balanced diet for my two year old that's where the money is going (though I found a can of peaches in the back of the cabinet tonight, so that's covered for couple of days). Now, my check will clear on Wednesday, so I'll be flush (ha) then. That leaves tomorrow to find a recipe. For something pasta. Or not, the suggested theme is just that, a theme. Yeah. I didn't think this would be this hard when I signed up. Actually I sort of hoped it might make me organize the various clippings cluttering my house.

The dill, oregano, sage, and parsley are all doing well, so maybe something summery and herb-y.
Even the basil is doing great, despite pest invasion.
So, whaddya think? Any ideas for me?

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Love the pics! Can't wait to spend more time on this post.