Tuesday, May 19, 2009

blogging for good

I never do this, but this time I'm stepping forward and promoting a good cause. I've written before about Gwendomama - her story of loss is heartbreaking, her writing is clear and lucid and compelling. She has been treated very, very badly lately. Very badly. Domestic violence and abuse badly. And right at the time when she should be allowed to have space and time to continue to grieve the loss of the precious Elijah which pisses me off almost more than the rest of it. Almost.

Her blogging friends have banded together to help her out of this financial hole she was forced into. I've never mentioned a cause before, I don't think, and I've never asked anyone for donations. More than anything, I want you to go to Gwendomama and show her support. She has a lot to get through. And, if you are so inclined, one of her genius friends made this little widget that allows donations through paypal.

When your husband - the one who helped you say goodbye to your precious son - doesn't pay the bills for months, despite telling you he has; when he chokes you in front of your living son, a mere toddler; when he uses classic abuser techniques like blaming you for reporting the incident and breaking up the family; when he uses what meager funds are in the joint bank accounts to bail himself out of jail - well, hell, you could use a little help and support.


Jo said...

Absolutely horrific (her story, not your helping her). I also posted a comment on one of your previous posts -- thank you for what you are doing.


Astarte said...

Done, and done.

Nina said...

Yes, I absolutely agree she needs help. I'm sending a baseball bat. With easy-to-follow instructions on where to apply it forcefully. Use your imagination. Whatever you come up with will be close. What a pussified nasty piece of shit.