Friday, May 1, 2009

Season finale

Well, thank goodness last night was the season finale of Private Practice. One less thing to fret about over the next few months. Oh, right, except for the new fretting about whether crazy patient will cut open Judging Amy and steal her unborn baby.

Yep. Unborn baby cutting and stealing. A new low for this show, on a night of many lows. Actually, for a while I thought Shondra Rimes (exec producer) had come to her senses and was going to have Addison character act honorably. Main character Addison and horny cardiac surgeon met and agreed they hadn't actually commited any sin except for coveting each other. (Gag). Cardiac doctor who just needs to get some decided he would tell his wife he loved addison, thus ensuring Addison would be reprimanded and suspended by state medical liscensing board for unprofessional behavior- what? Oh, wait, sorry, not part of storyline. Luckily, through dramatic machinations, Addison decided she could not let horny cardiac surgeon tell his wife and storyline seemed to be over, but there were still 20 minutes left in the show so sadly, she went to horny surgeons office, where they totally jumped each other all the way to pants being unzipped and possible male parts inserted into female parts when suddenly Adidson's (and now really horny cardiac surgeon's) pagers went off, signaling the wife was in labor and ready to deliver. Addison left the delivery room in mid contraction to find male midwife to tell him he had to deliver the baby that would make a family. And then she cried. So maybe she will do the honorable thing and we won't see any of the horny doctor (who will still be horny as a new first time mom isn't exactly thinking about servicing the husband, you know?), who may just fall in love with his baby and realize he almost screwed up his entire family all because he wasn't getting any from his stressed out dead baby momma complete pelvic rest to avoid third dead baby wife. Whew!

So, back to crazy mental patient. I have to admit this story actually got to me. While extremely rare, there are these cases of crazy people fixating on pregnant women and following them and cutting them open and stealing the baby. There was a well publicized one someplace in the south when I was pregnant with my daughter (so summer '05) that totally freaked me out and became Yet Another Thing To Worry About, so last night when I was having trouble sleeping I could not get visions of poor judging Amy laying on the floor telling crazy woman how to best cut her open out of my head (Amy had realized futitily of situation, could not dissuade crazy mental patient, so decided to talk her through the c-section so baby would survive). Now I have the summer to wonder if Judging Amy woman (what is her name on the show? Something silly. Violet, that's it.) is going to be killed off or miraculously saved. Seriously, as soon as her doorbell rang, I was thinking, it's the creepy crazy lady, don't answer the door! It's her, SLAM the door! Do not step closer to her - oh, damn, crazy lady injected you. So, aside from strange potion that renders you immobile and unfeeling from the neck down for many, many hours without wearing off even a tad as crazy mental patient slaps you around and talks your ear off, this was a pretty upsetting story. I actually kind of hope they don't kill her off. If for no other reason than the my two dads scenario playing out next season will be excruciating - remember Violet doesn't know which of two men is the father and refused to have testing done while pregnant. Although, actually, the non-main character possible father could turn out to be the dad, and move away with the baby and his grief, thus neatly wrapping up this storyline, getting rid of annoying Judging Amy character, and leaving major character (and hottie) Tim Daly to continue to be available hot guy for new storylines. So yeah, maybe I see how this is going to go. Though, still, death by crazy lady cutting you open while you're concious but paralyzed to steal your baby is a particularly bad way to go and I do not wish that on this character. I'd rather have character come back and be less annoying than have the story go this way. So I guess I do get to wonder about this all summer. While looking for spoilers.

And the rest of the storylines were incredibly annoying and pointless. Really annoying big bosomed doctor quit the practice to run a new practice (in the same building on the floor above), right after she figured out someone she switched embryos before transferring them into the wrong mothers. Oops, hate it when that happens, luckily she was able to convince mothers to carry each other's babies. There was even talk of termination, before the show stepped way, way back from that (ZOMG! Network censors! Sponsor boycotts!) edge and back into we are all happy baby makers here territory. (and big bosomed doctor figured it out because one baby carried the marker for a genetic disease, but whew, not actual disease. That would have been messy).

So, anyone besides Andiamo watch? Will Violet be saved to embrace happiness next year? Send any spoilers my way. (And who plays the crazy mental baby stealing woman? She looks so familiar. I'll have to find out so I can mis-identify her next year, too.)


Dre said...

You know, I totally don't watch, but after reading your posts on the show, I may actually tune in next season... way to sell it, sister! Hope you find your spoilers...

post-doc said...

Crazy mental baby stealing woman used to be on Felicity - it bothered me a lot before I figured it out.

Melissia said...

How sad that I did not watch last night's episode but I knew exactly what you were talking about? Except for who the actress was that played crazy stalker lady? And if I was reading out loud I would have passed out for lack of oxygen because I could not stop reading. It was gripping! Which is really, really sad and says something very about my life doesn't it?