Monday, May 18, 2009

inlaw update

Nothing too exciting - my mother-in-law sent my husband an e-mail on Friday.

It was very short, just said thanks for the Mother's Day cards, then reported that they, my husband's brother and family, and husbands sister spent Mother's Day in Florida, at in-laws new time share and they all went to Disney. (Have I blogged about their ridiculous timeshare purchase? Husband's grandfather died, leaving $$ to parents, who immediately went out,with no thought or planning whatsoever, purchased a brand new timeshare in Florida. That requires a plane ride and a rental car to reach? Good for them, I guess, but maybe not the best purchase for people on a fixed income????)

Anyway, the money line was subtle, at the end: Hope WhichBox and the rest of your family had a nice Mother's Day. The dig was the subtle "your family." Because her beef, among many, is that my husband has chosen my family over his own. Please. Grow up lady.

I asked my husband where his thinking was on his family, and he just sighed and said he'd rather just ignore it all. He sees his counselor every couple of weeks (we're too busy and it's too much $$ for weekly sessions) and said they talk about his family every session, but he's had no further thoughts about them. I have to admit I like where we are now - just living our lives and ignoring them. It's been 18 months. I hope this period of relative peace will last a bit longer.


Jill said...

ugh! I hate when people try to guilt me into stuff.... especially since it usually works! I hope the "peace" lasts

k@lakly said...

We've gone years without out the husbands family and it has been a nice, quiet, fight free time. I don't think he even misses them anymore, maybe just the idea of them, but he missed that even when we were in contact with them. It's nice not to be disappointed anymore. So nice.
Hope yours lasts too.

Emily M said...

I like the ignoring appraoch also. The only part I hate is the birthdays and gift giving occasions. But we finally decided not to give anything just cards. so no thought really needed.

Thanks again for writing about this topic. It is comforting (which is weird I know) to think that all families aren't pleasantville.

Astarte said...

relative peace! ha!