Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the good and the bad

Sunday we celebrated the little guy's 6 month b-day. There's been good news from my little blogroll on the right over the past 6 months. Antigone's Perseus, Niobe's boy, CLC's Denis.

But then there are the reminders that not every story leads to the heart's desire. And your own heart breaks. Kym's betas started low and fell over the weekend. Chance's last chance. I'm so sorry. And I'm angry. Has anyone watched the awful Real Housewives of NJ? I've never watched any of the other shows, but given my in-laws, we thought we'd try out this NJ show. And it's awful, but not in-law awful. Last night we finally watched the second episode, and one of the housewives (the only one that seems like a decent person) went to the fertility specialist (after her 4th miscarriage). And he told her the same thing my RE told me. About half the time, the doctors can find no real for infertility or chronic loss. Half the time the doctors have no idea. How is that freaking possible? How, in this world where science and medicine can do so much, is fertility such a mystery? How can there be no answer? And how can no answer cost so freaking much money? It makes me angry. But, mostly it makes me sad. I wanted another baby in the blogroll. Chance and I once spoke to each other about hope. She helped me find hope. I wish there was something I could do for her.

Tash and I were thinking alike today. In addition to Kym and Chance, she points to two additional stories from the weekend. Not a great weekend for happy stories.


k@lakly said...

As I said over at Tash's place, sometimes, being here in db land, it hurts more than it helps. This weekend was one of those times. Indeed.

Which Box said...

Indeed. And I totally forgot to leave you in the new baby category. I lost my bookmarks on my old machine, and haven't transferred them over yet. One of these days I"ll get organized. I keep futzing with the blogroll when what I really want to do is start over with the blogroll that tells you when someone has updated. Anyway, yes, indeed. When it sucks around here, it really really sucks bad.

niobe said...

I'm so sad about Kym and Chance that I don't even know what to say.