Thursday, May 14, 2009


Every once in a while I check my visitor stats. Check out who's visiting, why, where they came from, etc. And I love a few blogs that semi-regularly report on google searches that resulted in their blog. By far, most google searches that send people here come from "I am jerk" a post from about a year ago, when a friend's mom died and I inadvertently offended her. (but friend and I have patched things up - saw her a couple of weeks ago for dinner at our place).

One last week caught my breath. "infertile husband is leaving me" I suppose the husband might be infertile. Actually, our infertility troubles were partially caused by my husband's diagnosed 'sub-fertility' and varicoceles. So, friend, regardless if your husband is infertile or you are or you both are together, I'm sorry. Really sorry. For all of it. For whatever sent you to google. I recall desparate google searches of my own (on different topics), trying to find others like me. Or sort of like me. Or maybe not at all like me, but at least entertaining. Or diverting. Or supportive. Or validating.

Do you track to see how people find you? Any good searches lead anyone to you?


Tash said...

My top 2 searches:
1) I wrote a post when bella jammed a seashell up her nose, and you won't believe the "x in nose" searches I get. Unbelievable. Better than the original comments.

2) I wrote, seriously, like 5 sentences on "Damages" season I, finale, where we find out Glen Close's character is a DBM. And I get googled for Damages related stuff all the time.

tie for third would be presidents who lost kids (post I did) and "Bicth" -- title of one of my posts, and yes, it's misspelled that way in the google search.

Lisse said...

The big one for me is "All the bad words in the world."

It leads people here:

Vikki said...

I am a new do you search for that? TIA!

Which Box said...

Vikki, I went to leave a comment on your site and could not, so hope you see this here. IT's easy to track stats. Go to, and you'll be ablet ofind an easy stat counter you can add to your website (in blogger, it's something like add html) Then copy the html from statcounter, and add it as a sidebar thing. And it's done. Then, you visit the statcounter website and see who is visiting your site, how many hits, where they come from, etc. E_mail me if you want more info.