Monday, April 21, 2008

loose ends

Happy Monday morning. Or not. I want the weekends to be longer and the weeks shorter. Or less work to do, even though I avoid my work by blogging.
  • First, why do my blog posts with block quotes always look so crappy? Second, how do you get that yellow box around text you've quoted? Anyone want to give me a quick blogger tutorial? Or maybe I'll avoid more work this afternoon and try to fix it.
  • I did call my friend, left a very neutral message, just checking in and wanted to say hi, no need to call me back. She e-mailed me late Friday and said, "it's ok. My skin is very thin these days and I upset easily. I got your card, it was very sweet. Sorry I missed your call."
  • I'm going to let it go. I could write volumes on the various eccentricities of my friends. This particular friend is one I value, but also one that is fairly high maintenance. There's a reason we've drifted away, and it has a lot to do with my unwillingness to spend hours in deep conversation, rehashing people/situations/events over again and again in extreme detail. Back to status quo, with the addition of my e-mailing her every once in a while, is about all I can handle right now, I think.
  • My horoscope on Sat: "You're trying out new roles now, like sweetest friend and greatest romantic. But beware: Once you're known that way, you'll be expected to keep it up. It's easiest to stick close to the your natural tendency." Dude. Lesson learned. I'm not cut out to be sweetest friend even at the best of times.
  • Remember the ooze? I had some meetings Thursday last week and went out my usual half hearted attempt at makeup - eyeliner on the outer edges of my eyes, top and bottom (on eyelid, not the rim). And shadow on the lid. And got home with eyes on fire. So, looks like makeup is the culprit. I don't really have allergies (on really bad days, sure, I might be a little itchy with a few sneezes, but 99% of the time no real reaction to the outdoors). Now the question is, this particular makeup? All makeup? Hmm. Maybe I can enter my 40s as an unconventional woman who never wears makeup. I'm close enough to that right now.
  • The CVS is scheduled. May 1. I'm already obsessing, and had a nightmare about it Sunday morning. More to come on this, that's for sure.
So that's my Monday. A buttload of work to do and a deep desire to avoid it all and go back to bed.


Antigone said...

When you compose, use this html:

<div style="background-color:red;">i want to be sedated</div>

Antigone said...

Maybe it's just a bad batch of makeup?? Are they the same tubes you used before?

I'd be scared of the CVS too. The risks are about the same as an amnio aren't they?

Which Box said...

The risks for CVS are "double" that of amnio - I forget the exact number, though I know it's relatively low. If it's one pregnancy loss for every 100 amnios, it's 2 for every CVS. Of course, what the pure statistics don't say if what are the risks per practitioner, and my specialist does a ton of them. I don't think i could be in safer hands.

Actually just found this report from 2006.

I think most people are more worried about CS than amnio, for loss reasons.

I'm sort of avoiding the topic, but I want to do a fuller post later this week.