Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quote of the day

Saw the RE today, for the second sonogram. And there's a heart beat, and everything is measuring fine. He says keep doing the estrogen and the progesterone, and other than blood work, I'm soon to be handed over.

And then he says, "yep, as long as the baby is genetically normal, things are looking good!" with a hearty chuckle.

He's a nice guy, a bit on the socially awkward side. Which is why I did not burst into tears nor sarcastically say, would you please frigging review my chart before I come because yeah, the genetically normal thing is a little bit of an issue.

He did ask if I was ok and I just said another hurdle crossed. Don't get me wrong, this is all good. Now having cleared this hurdle, we have the huge, gigantic genetic hurdle to cross. I've held off calling the genetic specialist, but I'll do that today. And I've not called my regular ob yet at all, but I think I will wait until after the genetic specialist to do so. This is a one step, on hurdle at a time process for me right now.

I did ask the RE about genetic markers in maternal blood, and he said my specialist was doing that. Interesting.

I have a lot of rules with this pregnancy, and one of them is get some sort of assurances the genetics are ok. No thinking about names, or nursery, or my job, or maternity clothes (despite the tightening of my existing clothes). No complaining about the progesterone. I'm at week 7 now. Just keep my eyes focused on week 10 and hopefully some level of assurance.


Tash said...

Sounds like my rule book would read. One week at a time, Which, one week at a time.

CLC said...

I like those rules. It sounds much more tolerable if you think that way.

niobe said...

I like making rules, if only because it's something I have complete control over.

Antigone said...

My RE is extracting fetal DNA from maternal blood at week 10/11. I begged to have him do it when I get pregnant and he said I'd have to formally be a part of the study and have to get amnio done too. I know I could lie and say I would do the amnio and back out after I got what I wanted but I don't want to burn any fertility bridges.