Thursday, April 10, 2008

the whiny box

well, I was thinking about posting my pregnancy rules, which are quite elaborate and pointless. And then I was going to post about the pending CVS, or should we ultrascreen, or why is this going to be so hard.

But then last night I went to bed with a weepy eye, and woke up this morning to pink eye. I think. Both eyes pink, a little (not to be too gross) oozy and crusty. Wah. So no contacts obviously today, which puts me in a bad mood anyway. Trying to work, but focusing on the screen makes me oozy eyes ooze more.

When my daughter had pink eye, the drops they gave her had huge bold letters that explicitly said pregnant women were not to even handle the packaging as it was so toxic. So now what?

I called the RE and am waiting for a call back. I don't have a regular doctor, as all my troubles lately have circled around the OB/GYN/RE/Genetic specialist. I just want to whine right now. Whine whine whine. I want to go back to bed, but I am behind at work, but then again the computer screen is hard to focus on. Maybe it's not pink eye, I don't know anyone else (specifically my daughter, knock on wood) that has it. Yesterday I had a meeting so actually left the house and wore makeup. I went to bed with a weepy eye thinking I just needed some rest.

OK, that's it. Whining is getting me no place. I am saying the hell with it and crawling into bed under lots of covers and watching (or, really listening to) bad morning women TV. Kathie Lee on the 17th hour of the Today show. Possibly the View. Maybe Martha is on.

Tell me, what's your guilty pleasure TV when home alone?


G said...

The Price is Right, of course! In fact, Drew Carey is hiliarious on it... in the "wtf am I doing here" way. His small little comments and motions just bleed sarcasm.

Sorry about the pink eye :(

Tash said...

Say, have you considered calling her ped? They might have a rec for something safe for babies (and kids who might have allergies and whatnot). Sometimes they return calls a bit faster, too, I discovered when I was fighting off a bout of thrush.

clickmom said...

I know for sure that I Successfully fouhg tof fmy kids pink eye using homeopathis remedies, only it was so long ago I can't remember what it was. Try your local health food store!

Daytime tv sticks, and I need to hold on to that last brain cell my kids didn't successfully suck out while breastfeeding, so I don't do daytime tv. I scour the internet instead.

CLC said...

Yikes about the eye.

I like Buffy reruns or SATC reruns.

Antigone said...

Did you wear eyeliner/mascara that was old?

It's been a few days since you wrote this. Are you better now?

Anonymous said...

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