Friday, April 11, 2008

now with less ooze

Boy I am whiny these days. Thanks for the support yesterday. I took a nap, then did some work. My eyes seemed better, but got weepy again at night. But today I am thinking it was all just a bad contacts/tired/makeup kind of thing. So I'll avoid contacts today and put in new ones tomorrow. I'll avoid makeup these next few days, but what I have is fairly new Clinque stuff (simple eyeliner and shadow) and I'm too cheap to throw it out. Will I regret that?

I did watch about 10 minutes of The Price is Right. Too weird without Bob, that was my first impression. I'd have to watch more to get used to it. And then thank goodness for noon time What Not to Wear. Though I always have the oddest dreams when I doze to WNTW - lots of dressing room oddness.

Oh, yeah, my RE called back and helpfully said just call your (non existent) family practitioner.

My unsettledness continues. The first trimester is tough on nearly everyone. Luckily, I've never had extreme nausea (I only threw up one while pregnant with my daughter, but that was the night my husband was on travel and our dog just kept throwing up and throwing up, and after cleaning up piles and piles, yeah, I lost it). But it's hard to gain weight and not fit into clothes but not really look (or want to look) pregnant. Instead, lucky me, I just get to be back at obese! yay, me. And tired. And not drinking. And the food/smell aversions are starting to kick in.

And then there's the whole nuchal/CVS/need for assurance thing. I need to pick up the phone and just schedule the damn CVS. May 1. 3 weeks from yesterday.

So, here's another fun link. I just think this is brilliant:

Garfield Minus Garfield


Tash said...

Hey, 'tis the season for allergies and mine always manifest in my eyes. Any chance that's it? Could you try an allergy-type visine for a few days and see what happens?

Antigone said...

Pregnancy is a bit of a stress on our systems anyway. I truly think it predisposes us to so much more. I know my allergies were really exacerbated by pregnancy. Hope you're feeling better...