Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today is my one year blog-iversary. If I had my act together, I could have timed it to also be my 200th post, but I've been a blogging slacker this week.

Wow. A year. A long, long year of lots of ups and downs and downs and a lot of medium, too. Getting to know other bloggers and creating a bit of a community online - a high. So thanks for reading and commenting and just making this a nice place to be. I told Antigone when I met her that for me, blogging was journaling. But that in real life, I've never managed to journal for more than, um, a day. So this is a meaningful date, in a time period of remembering too many bad anniversaries.

So I was thinking about boxes. A year later, which boxes am I checking?

Pregnant? Check. 36 weeks tomorrow.
Married? Check. Still, and working on it. Slowly. Verrrrr-rrrrry slowly.
Unemployed? Check. Unhappily so.

I ask in my header - happy? Sad? Angry? Can I check, check check? All of the above, though angry is, and will always be, tough for me.

And I've been tagged by the awesome Tash, so I have a post for tomorrow. See you then. And next week, and for, I hope, the long haul.


Tash said...

Ooooh!!! happy blogiversary, Which!

I never know what boxes to check either. I feel like filling most of them in with pencil.

For some reason I thought you started before me, but obviously not. Huh. Glad to have discovered you, thrilled that you're writing.

Am I doing okay? said...

I started reading during NaPoBloMo - you in for this year? Congrats! Oh, and 36 wks! I had both my girls at 37 wks on the nose. Is your bag packed?

Antigone said...

Yours was one of the first blogs I read when I crawled online last January.

36 weeks? Already?