Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another for the list

When I first did my bad things/good things list, this particular thing wasn't on it. But jumped near the top after speaking to my parents this weekend.

My dad went in today to have a heart cath, and possible a stent, if, as they thought, one artery was partially blocked. I just heard from my brother, who heard from my mother - turns out his arteries were far worse then they thought. While information is sketchy (and second hand), looks like two blocked arteries and possibly he's already had at least one heart attack. He'll likely have double bypass surgery tomorrow.

My brother was very blase about it. No big deal. I of course am not blase.

Called my husband - he has a staff meeting late this afternoon that probably won't get him home til 7:30 or later.

"I should come home," he dithered for a while. I finally just said I'm fine, just do what you need to do.

He did suggest I look at flights, and I could easily get frequent flyer seats. I wonder if my husband meant he would come too. Hold my hand, be supportive.

Probably not.


niobe said...

19 things that aren't going well? You should give yourself a tremendous amount of credit for being able to function at all. There really are an awful lot of bad things that can happen, either one after another or all at once.

As I say to myself all the time, "Life goes on. And on."

Which Box said...


Though one of my bad things is that my Tivo is broken. Some things are easier than others.