Wednesday, October 31, 2007

job offer

So, the job from yesterday's interview called. And offered me the job. AT 50% MORE THAN MY CURRENT SALARY. 50% MORE.

I said wow, I was so pleased, and I wasn't sure after the way things ended yesterday. They said they really liked me and thought I'd be a perfect fit, and they wanted to offer me more to make travel more possible - more money to pay my nanny, to have her accompnay me on travel, etc.

Wow. So blown away. I'm really not sure. A lot will depend on what starting a new organization really means. Are there any benefits at all associated? They're supposed to call me and talk through some details.

She really pressed, and so I said a tentative, qualified, yes.

I had another interview today. The people were very low energy, so I left very unenthused. I think it went well, and they are considering me for a high position, but again - 30-50% travel required. What is up with all this travel??

I also aggressively called someone I know at another organization. I know he has to hire people, and I know I'd be a good hire. I also know he's a bit scattered and if left to his own devices it's going to take a while. He can meet with me tomorrow - and I'm going to lay it on the line. I think this possible job with him might be the best family fit. Probably less travel. Certainly not a 50% pay raise. But good work, in a good atmosphere. And, most importantly, in a good area, with good public schools. If I have to move, I'd like to be someplace where my commute is not long at all, and school options are good.

A friend called me from overseas today. The first one truly outraged at what is going on. The first stand up for yourself call. It was good to hear, actually.

I'm still reeling. In 9 days, we've gone from me discovering his affair, to him agreeing to work on things, to him not stopping the affair, to him now saying he definitely wants out. It's too much too fast.


Trish said...

I'm reading, just wanted you to know. My heart breaks for you. You are much stronger than I am. I would have kicked his ass out long ago....

Erika said...

I found you through Y's blog. I am reading and I think that you cannot save this marriage by yourself. He has to want to work on it as well. I am so sorry that this is happening to you.