Thursday, October 25, 2007

Empty house

We have a nanny for our two-year old, and our nanny has today, tomorrow, Monday, and Friday off. We've decided to cover that time using my husband's parents. They live 2 hours away, and have been desperate to watch our daughter from the beginning. At their house.

So, let's recap - my in-laws just drove away with the most precious thing in my life. My husband says he just doesn't feel anything anymore for me. My dad is in for triple bypass surgery half a continent away. I just turned down a good job offer, and yet hate my current job with a passion. All this against a whole back story of loss I've not even had time to get into yet.

Yeah, I'm a mess.

Despite the current situation, I'll use the DH shorthand for my currently not-so-dear husband. We actually have what could be a nice weekend lined up. Tomorrow is his birthday. With my daughter at my in-laws, tonight we're going out to a fancy, untimed dinner. (Untimed as in no pressure, for the first time in 2 years, to get back home to let the babysitter off). Tomorrow we're both taking off, buying him a suit, hanging out and having fun, then driving to my in-laws for his birthday dinner. We'll spend Saturday up there, then in Sunday drive back home to meet old friends for brunch, then off to a pumpkin carving party. My mother-in-law is coming back with us, and she'll watch my daughter Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, I'm being flown to a corporate HQs for a high level job interview for a dream job, and I have another interview for a different, intrguing, challenging position lined up for Wednesday. The the next weekend we're headed to a college football game for a reunion weekened with my husband's closest college friends and their families.

In short, a pretty damn nice life for the next 10 or so days. And my father is in surgery, half a continent away, having a triple bypass done. I NEED for this surgery to go well.

My mom and dad are very practical people. They explicitly said they did not want my brother, sister, or me coming this weekend. Everything should go just fine, and my husband, daughter, and I will spend a relaxing, nurturing Thanksgiving at my parent's house.

And yet, I have had a shit year where at every stage of the game, anything that could have gone wrong has.

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