Wednesday, October 24, 2007

what else is going on?

So, yeah. My life. Last week, I made a list of all the things not going well in my life. 19 things. And a list of things going well. 4. Maybe I'll share someday (when I have readers!). Maybe I'll keep it as a weekly list and try to move the bad to the good. I need a break.

One of the biggest other thing wrong right now is my job. But it's also the biggest thing going right. Bottom line, I hate my job. I'm done here. I could write much more (and plan to) but bottom line, in early September, I decided I needed to get off my butt and get a new job. So I started the whole "call a person a day" networking strategy (except of course it was e-mail a person a day). And scouring Craig's List and applying for anything remotely a fit. I've had good feedback, and am actually sitting on a job offer now. It's a good offer, but I am pretty sure in an hour or so I am going to call them and turn it down.

And that's freaking me out.

The offer is great, the schedule and benefits are great, the pay is good. The subject matter is outside my background, and I don't think I'm ready to make that leap. I have potentials in the pipeline, but nothing definite.

So here's where I am -
Gotta get outta here
Gotta get outta here soon
Have an offer that will get me outta here soon
Turning offer down
More interviews end of this week and next

It's important I take the right job. But boy, is it hard to turn down a job. My palms are sweaty just thinking about making this call.

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