Friday, December 7, 2007

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173.5. The freaking same as last week. I tell you, the thing for me about losing weight is that i don't get the connection between what I do and what the scale says. I did 100 freaking situps last night,, 20 squats, and 40 lunges, and I have exactly the same number on the scale? (I'm not all that delusional, I had done the same 2 other nights this week, plus arm exercises and ate reasonably).

I need to keep official track, that's the key. A food log, an exercise diary. A bite by bite, arm lift by situp by mile walked log of everything, and then it'll come off. Ugh, man, I hate the discipline that requires. HATE it. But, that's what it's going to take. Or have the tenuous peace implode and that'll be good for another 5 pounds. Maybe I cried off 10 pounds?

So, also no job update in a while - I've finally gotten an offer letter. I think the lawyer working on this is squeezing it all in and so this wasn't a priority. I'll start the 7th of January. I'm having a lawyer review it for me as there are some anomalies. They want to pay me as a consultant for a few months, for legit complicated reasons. And I'm not thrilled about it - taxes, benefits, etc - but in the long run I have to believe it's worth a short term sacrifice. I need a change. I've not had the offer letter and have spent the past few weeks here already feeling like a short-timer. I just cannot muster any enthusiasm for anything in my current job. It will be a delight to resign. Now my worry is when to resign. The holidays make it tough - I should probably just resign and not work at all over the holidays, but if I work in January at least part of my January health insurance will be covered, right, so that might make sense (not to mention 3 paid holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day). Sadly, my recent absences mean I do not have enough vacation time to patch together any leave.

Nothing new at home. A pleasant enough husband this morning, though he admitted he drank too much last night out watching football. And a kiss goodbye this morning. I'm out tonight, but we have complicated plans for the weekend (complicated as a whole lotta family time, which now I wonder might be too much?).

I feel really boring when my life isn't hurtling over a cliff (even though there are plenty of cliff ledges within mere inches and a chance to veer off at any second).

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Am I doing okay? said...

Took me a second. At first I thought the number intro was a Highway. I-70, I-35 type thing. Hope you have a nice weekend.