Friday, January 18, 2008

the job

ok, so week 2 is done. And there have been times I've been wondering what the heck I've done. Not leaving my previous job - I haven't given that a second thought. But there are lots of unknowns with this new position, and some things that make me nervous.

I'm traveling next week - leave Sunday, back Wednesday night. A bummer, I'll miss 4 bedtimes, since my flight gets in late on Wednesday night. I want to minimize weekend travel and length of travel. But this first time I'll let it go. Perhaps I should take a harder line from the start, but I think better to be flexible initially then slowly enforce my own preferences.

I asked a fairly basic question today via e-mail and got this reply - you're entering a movie that's already completed, so XX is what you have to work with. Yikes! Way to be flexible, people. I also asked some questions about programs ongoing this year and was told that since they are already planned, no changes could be made. I replied, I wasn't suggesting that, just asking what was planned, why and how, so we could figure out how to plan in out years.

But also today I spoke with one of the board members, and every time I talk to him I feel like this will be a great position, we just have to figure some things out and it'll all be fine. It's too hard to tell after two weeks.

Ok, this is a very boring post but after my oh my god I'm entering menopause mini freak out I needed to bump that down. (oh, and my body held out for a 27 day cycle, so that's fairly normal, but did mean a lot of PMS days this month. Fun.)

I've been busy, not focused on blogging, so while I'm visiting everyone, I've not had any comments to leave. Maybe on travel I'll have some more time.

And since it's Friday, I'll check in on my weight just by saying I need to do something other than stand on the scale, because that isn't magically causing the numbers to shrink. Perhaps a longer post on that.

Not much on the home front. More on that later, too. Ok, got to go figure out the leftover situation.

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meg said...

I hope that the position will, indeed, be a great one. I agree, that it would be really hard to tell after only 2 weeks. Give it 3 months, or so, I would say.

Hope the traveling thing goes well!