Tuesday, January 15, 2008

life stages

I was reading some women's magazine the other day and there was an article on menopause. It said menopause is actually only one day in a woman's life - the day when it's been 6 months since she's had a period, after a possibly long stretch of time (10 years or more) of perimenopause. The hot flashes, etc are symptoms of perimenopause.

The article went on to say another symptom is periods closer together. Yesterday, walking to meet my husband for lunch, I suddenly was hit with a wave of PMS cramps. Aha, I thought, last night's sadness, generally feeling blah, now cramping - all signs my period will start in a couple of hours, if not right now, and I have nothing on me. Because my period isn't supposed to start for another 4 days.

So now I've convinced myself I'm entering the menopause era at 39. Which is possible, and doesn't technically mean an end to infertility, just possibly more unknowns in terms of timing things.

Great. Though now it's Tuesday afternoon and I've had some passing cramps, but no period. I've had very regular periods since I was 11. Usually 28, sometimes 29 days, sometimes another day or two later. Rarely shorter. I'm glad I made the appointment for the fertility specialist. And next week would probably be good timing, I guess. Who knows. I find myself absurdly rooting for my body to hold off for another 3 days. Come on body, you can do it. Stick to our regular schedule!


meg said...

I'm not too sure about this...but your RE will check it all out for you, with blood tests and ultrasounds.

I hope it's not the beginning of menopause, but even if it is, there are lots of things they can do.

Am I doing okay? said...

Checking in. My husband got a fabulous job offer today. I AM doing okay! Hope your new job is going great.