Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 1 is tiring

Life with an infant, wow. You forget how overwhelming it is. Of course
he wanted to feed all night then sleep all day, so looks like another
exhausting night tonight.

Once I have computer access, not just iPhone, I promise birth story
and pics. It's just too hard to type a lot on the phone.

On the in law front, no reply to any of the voicemaild my husband
left, except from his sister. Who left her own voicemail screeching at
him to stop calling his parents because it was too upsetting to them.

Thank YOU for all the congrats. It's still hard to believe. One minute
you're pregnant, the next suddenly there's a new person to love!


Astarte said...

F your inlaws. I'm sorry for your husband, though. How shitty is that?!

I am envious of the newborn experience, just a little. It seems so long ago, somehow. Sigh. I'm sure I'll get over it once you start writing about cracked nipples and teething.

Dora said...
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Dora said...

(typo above)

Glad your boy is here and everyone is safe and sound.

Sorry about the in-laws. I won't mince words like Astarte. FUCK 'EM!!

Am I doing okay? said...

Congratulations! What does the new big sister think! How exciting for you! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Tash said...

Too upsetting??!! TOO UPSETTING??!!

Oh hon, I mean it, give us their number. I'll give them upsetting.

I find nothing about your current situation remotely upsetting. Way to go, eating champ!

Mommy's Milk said...

Congratulations, on the big boy!!!!!

And on the in law front, don't let them stress you out. Hopefully they'll learn that it's all about you and the babies right now. If they don't, ilke everyone else said. Forget about them!!!

Rosabela said...

Congrats on your little one!

As for your inlaws, I think they're acting childish. Forget about them and enjoy your new bundle of joy.

There's nothing more wonderful than a new baby.

Wabi said...

Can you block SIL's number on your iphone? You deserve a hospital stay that doesn't include ridiculous messages from her about the in laws. SERIOUSLY.

This might sound crazy ... but stay in the hospital as long as you can! It's nice to have some exclusive baby-and-you time before you head home to deal with juggling everything that comes with a family of four.

Gabriella said...

Congratulations on the wonderful new addition! I'm dying to see a picture of the gorgeous boy and hear all the details. (I'm living the new baby stage vicariously!)

And I'm so sorry about the in-laws - they are beyond hope and losing out on something special.


Louise said...

I know how tough the situation with your inlaws must be for your husband, but seriously?

Fuck those dudes.

Congratulations to you. I hope you're enjoying your new little guy, and not letting the crapweasels get to you ;)

The Yak said...

Congrats on the baby! Hope you're feeling OK -- I've never had a C-section but I'm sure you must be in some discomfort. Ditto what everyone said about the in-laws. try to put them out of your mind as much as possible. better to have no contact at all and remove that source of tension. When do you go home from the hospital?